The piece ran on the cover of the Sunday opinion section and got over 400 comments, including this one:

“In 25 years of negotiating contracts with labor unions; the most inflexible, dogmatic, distrustful, least enlightened are the teacher’s unions. The Teamsters, by way of contrast, are tough and professional without the weirdness of the Education Minnesota faithful. I’ve seen teacher union reps rip on members who dared to question the party line in a way that leaders of AFSCME and SEIU would never do. For a union made up of supposedly smart people, it is remarkably devoid of tolerance for differences of opinion.”

This is so true. Over the years, I’ve belonged to two different unions and observed a variety of different negotiations and nothing comes close to the dogmatic, self-righteousness, entitlement, and sense of aggrieved victimhood of the teachers’ union, although the police unions are also right up there.  I’m still puzzling over why this is.

Five days later, the paper ran a counterpoint (“Union-bashing views are also rigid”) from Minneapolis Public Schools teacher Alan Husby. Husby’s piece basically proved the above points #1-3. It was also full of so much classic disinformation that New Orleans educator and blogger Peter Cook added it to his fact check collection.

Click here to read Husby’s piece—and if you click on the highlighted sections, you will see Peter’s comments and corrections. My thanks to Peter for his good reporting, especially regarding what’s happened in New Orleans—a city that where he’s lived and taught since 2002.