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Congrats, Dr. Paez: Welcome to the impossible job of running Minneapolis Public Schools

Sergio Paez

(photo credit, Rene Jones Schnedier, Star-Tribune)

Last night, in a 6-3 vote, the Minneapolis School Board chose Dr. Sergio Paez to be its next superintendent.

Paez is an immigrant from Colombia, with a Ph.D in education from Boston College and a master’s degree from Harvard. He spent the last two years heading the public schools in Holyoke, MA, before the state put the struggling district of 5,600 students into receivership for poor academic results. No one says all this was Paez’ fault–he had just started trying to turn the district around before the state concluded it was too far gone.

Holyoke schools are 80 percent Latino and 15 percent white. Before leading that district, Paez spent six years heading ELL services in Worcester, MA , a district of 24,000 that was also mostly Latino and white.

All of this is a longish way of saying Paez has never run a district as large as Minneapolis nor one where the largest demographic of students (38 percent) are African-American. According to various sources, Paez is a nice, smart guy with his heart in the right place who may not be super-savvy when it comes to politics (and as I type this, I keep weirdly hearing Judy Garland’s voice yelling “Run, Toto, Run!” with the scary-hour-glass-running music playing behind.)

So why did the board pick Paez over the other two finalists, i.e. Michael Goar, the interim superintendent or Charles Foust, an assistant superintendent from Houston?

I can only speculate, but it appears Goar made some bold moves (laying off over 100 staff in the central office) as well a couple of enemies on the school board during his year as an interim. There were also murmurings, especially on the North side, that he didn’t really identify as African-American. (Goar is half-Korean, half-black and grew up in Korea before being adopted by a white American family at age 12.) Frankly, all of this comes with the territory. To be a superintendent (interim or otherwise) is to walk around with a target on one’s back.

Foust, meanwhile, apparently struck some board members as too black, too brash, too Texan, too liable to shake things up.

So Paez was the board’s consensus candidate. I mean, does this sound like Minneapolis or what?

Don’t get me wrong.  I wish Dr. Paez the best. My main fear is that he’ll spend a year or two to trying to get the lay of the land and assemble his staff….only to get eaten alive by local politics, toxic education debates and the wildly different needs of families of color and white families, all of which will be shrouded in the passive-aggressive fog of Minnesota Nice.

I mean, God help anyone who lands in this impossible job.

These competing agendas were already visible less than 24 hours after he was chosen when Paez took questions during 11 a.m. call-in show on Minnesota Public Radio. Let’s set this up. Paez is about to take over a district where middle-class white kids, who make up one-third of the enrollment, are thriving and scoring above state averages on tests.

Meanwhile, low-income children of color, who make up the other two-thirds, are systematically failing: only 25 percent can read or do math at grade level and their academic growth rates are either flat or negative, which means the longer they sit in district classrooms, the further they fall behind. Click on the link to see the latest Academic Progress Report. It’s the academic version of global warming, a huge, slow-motion disaster. 

Yet all of the call-in questions this morning appeared to come from white parents, who asked about how to help high-achieving kids; whether Paez would be willing hire adults to ride on every school bus to prevent their children from bullying each other and what Paez would do about misbehaving students who were disrupting classrooms (which is nearly always code for black kids.).

Welcome to our Not-So-Twin-Two-Very-Different-Realities-in-The-Same City, Dr. Paez!

Look, the most reliable way to be a beloved superintendent in this town is to be nice, approachable, talk about social justice and equity at various luncheons and civic gatherings and then—and this next part is key—don’t change much at all.  Just tinker around the edges a bit, give good speeches and lunch on. If you really want to last awhile, it’s how the game is played.

Meanwhile, the disaster keeps quietly rolling on. As with climate change, “there are no silver bullets, only silver buckshot.” But frankly, I don’t see how we really turn this around without giving our schools the autonomy to hire the best people they can find and the ability to dismiss ineffective ones. I’d also want to pay teachers more to work in challenging schools or in hard-to-fill subjects, hire more teachers of color, and break up the traditional three-month summer vacation into smaller chunks, so students don’t fall so far back in the summers., etc. Almost every school that is successful with children of color is using some combination of these tools and more.

But currently, there appears to be no way of even discussing these kind of changes without be labeled “divisive” or “polarizing” which is the kiss of death in a culture as conflict-averse as Minnesota.

I wish Dr. Paez all the best. I really hope he proves me wrong.  I won’t blame him (or at least not much) because it won’t be completely his fault. But at this point, I give him three years.

——Lynnell Mickelsen

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3 thoughts on “Congrats, Dr. Paez: Welcome to the impossible job of running Minneapolis Public Schools

    Angie says: December 9, 2015 at 6:45 am

    Aaaargh….where is the sobbing emoticon?

    Kris says: December 9, 2015 at 11:25 am

    Thank you for calling it like it is — or at least as you see it. I’m inclined to agree. I also wish Dr. Paez the best and hope he sticks around long enough to prove you wrong.


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