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Can–or should–the Minneapolis School Board Be Saved?

Should nine random ex-PTA moms and local activists be overseeing a $783 million annual operation with 7,000 employees, …essentially during their spare time?
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Congrats, Dr. Paez: Welcome to the impossible job of running Minneapolis Public Schools

Michael Goar made a few enemies; Charles Foust was too brash, so Sergio Paez became the “consensus” candidate. Does this sound like Minneapolis or what? Read More

Watching whiteness work: the Black Friday edition

This sort of sums up what we see in the current education debates in Minneapolis, especially the “Why are you being so aggressive? You’re scaring me.” line. RT @GRMDAILY: Black Friday 2015 ???pic.twitter.com/aADsa93oE6 <~> BRUHHHHHHHH!!!!! Lmfaooooooo — Han Sole Lo™ (@Deftronic) November 27, 2015 —–Lynnell Mickelsen

Show up, work hard, fall farther behind: the latest results in Minneapolis should make us wince

The data shows children of color show up, work persistently, and yet every year they’re in Minneapolis classrooms, they fall further behind. Read More

Reaction to piece on teacher union culture and fundamentalism

In 25 years of negotiating contracts with labor unions; the most inflexible, dogmatic, distrustful, least enlightened are the teacher’s unions. The Teamsters, by way of contrast, are tough and professional without the weirdness of the Education Minnesota faithful. I’ve seen teacher union reps rip on members who dared to question the party line in a way that leaders of AFSCME and SEIU would never do. For a union made up of supposedly smart people, it is remarkably devoid of tolerance for differences of opinion. Read More

If it walks like the NRA & quacks like the NRA: the parallel politics of gun control and ed reform

When we we pay attention to the NEA & AFT’s behavior and tactics, they are remarkably similar to the NRA’s. Which should tell us something. Read More

The Fundies on Our Side: teachers’ unions, liberals and fundamentalist culture

If the teacher’s union frames issues like fundies; if it demonizes foes, denies data and disenfranchises people like fundies….well, it’s behaving like a fundamentalist movement. Wanna see how this ends for Dems? Just look at the current GOP. Read More

Four great ideas from the teachers’ union as contract talks begin

At the start of teacher contract negotiations, the Minneapolis Federation offered some win-win solutions for teachers and kids. Read More

Cops, teachers and reform: same issues, different allies.

Both cops and teachers tend to be mostly: 1) white, middle-class and living outside the communities they serve; 2) raised in a media culture that views black people as dangerous; 3) assigned to control black youth that they often fear.. Heck, what could possibly go wrong? Read More

Why the opt-out movement targets affluent white parents

They have the most political power. They’re convinced their kids are fragile. They trust the system. None of this applies to parents of color. Read More

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